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Advanced Cyber Security for the Meeting Industry

Attendees of your meetings, events, and conferences have valuable information and are targets for industrial espionage and hackers.

The successful execution of your event is critical to the positive experience of your attendees.

Unfortunately, individuals who want to steal sensitive information and potentially interfere with your event, can undo all of your planning and reduce the trust placed in you and your organization.

SecureMeet provides state-of-the-art cyber security services to protect your attendees, their data, and your event.

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Service Elements

  • Identification of rogue and impersonating wireless access points
  • Detection of unauthorized cell phone intercept equipment
  • Security review of conference mobile apps, and event/registration websites
  • Discovery of cell phones at closed meetings
  • Scans of meeting rooms for unauthorized listening devices and cameras
  • Audits of registration kiosks to ensure malicious users cannot steal data
  • Analysis of social media for negative attention

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Your EVENT IS A Target. Protect yourself and your attendees