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Secure Traveler Program

When high profile individuals travel, they are targets of industrial espionage, foreign governments, and hacktivists.

The Secure Traveler Program protects individuals and their portable electronic devices from threats faced while traveling domestically and abroad.

Disruptive Solutions’ services mitigate risk to corporations, high-profile individuals, and affluent members of the community.

The Secure Traveler Program goes above and beyond traditional security and can enhance existing security initiatives.

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Program Elements

  • Forensic examinations of devices
  • Active threat monitoring
  • Physical and radio frequency analysis
  • Cyber profiling to identify exposed data and real time threats.
  • Out-sourced, trusted analysis from experienced, independent professionals
  • Customized training and debriefs
  • Secure, isolated storage and discrete handling of data and results
  • Technical surveillance counter-measures

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You are a Target. Protect yourself - Protect your data